About Blog

Let’s begin with what I don’t want this blog to be, may be this way you’ll understand better its purpose…

I’m not fully obsessed by my phone or even my camera in order to make photos of every meal I eat, every place I go or every product I’m testing or using. I’m not a fashion junkie to give you advises or publish posts on latest news or products launched by a well-known brand. I’m neither a chemist nor a cosmetologist, so don’t wait for me to give you professional advises as I won’t. This things being said, if you’re looking for stuff like this, you’d better find blogs out there, dedicated to these subjects and treating better all those points rather than me…

I’ve just create this blog in order to share with you about subjects that really interest me… I love good, genuine and natural food, organic beauty products and massages, I also love cooking, enjoy traveling, meet other people and cultures, reading, listening good music and also spend time with my friends… To me, these are life’s little pleasures that makes your existence more pleasant and enjoyable…

I want this blog to be a place where you can stop by for an enjoyable read, a place without pop-ups or distracting advertising, where you can find useful information on natural and organic brands or products.

So the main purpose of this blog is :

  • to highlight favorite organic or natural brands through :
    • interviews with brand owners or articles posted on different sites I’m following,
    • personal discoveries I’m doing while surfing on Internet or traveling abroad,
    • experience acquired during products longtime usage for my own purpose.
  • to present you products I’m discovering and testing,
  • to give you a global idea by reviewing all the stuff.

My philosophy is quite simple, I’m using a product for at least 15 days or more and after I’m sharing with you my impressions and results through a product or a brand review. I really hope that my posts will help you to have a clear idea concerning brand philosophy and specially products I’m highlighting through my reviews.

Having tried and used many different brands, I must admit that there’s no miraculous product… Skin reflects your internal health, then eat well, have a healthy life style and you’ll see the difference. Organic and natural products are well to support the skin in its own regenerating process, but won’t do miracles… Diet is essential, eating the right stuff, having various and healthy meals will help you a lot… Let’s be clear from the beginning, don’t wait a lot from a product otherwise you’ll be deluded.

Use only products that are mild for you and who will help your skin to regenerate by its own processes. I’m not saying to use natural ones but it has been proven that all synthetic stuff isn’t good for your skin and also can be dangerous for your health. Don’t read or believe in commercial advertising but just make your own opinion trying or using the products. This is the only way you can be sure what product is really good for you.



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