About Me

Me & Mrs Jones

I’m a thirty-something years old guy who loves good and healthy food, easy going life style and mainly simple things that brings you joy and makes your existence wonderful. Actually living in Paris, I’m working in Information Systems and Management field.

Curious by nature and eco-friendly by conviction I’ve decided to share with you through this blog my experiences, opinions and ideas on organic – natural skincare products but not only. I just consider that food and beauty are intimately linked, nurturing and healing your body but also your soul.

As I respect and don’t hurt my body with all synthetic food, why hurt my skin with all garbage that mostly skincare products are made. Our skin is the most larger living organ of our body and what’s applied on goes in – being absorbed into our bloodstream, and what goes in mainly brought by food is usually reflected on the outside. So I’ve just decided some years ago to not use anymore chemically overloaded skincare products that contain mineral oils, silicones, parabens or other harsh and harmful additives.

I really do love natural fragrances and compounds, I could say that I’m a little aromachology junkie, which explains why I enjoy to use natural and organic products. What a pleasure to feel a real rose, ylang-ylang or citrus fragrance…!, natural notes that lift you up and give you pleasure to use a skincare product.

I’m neither a chemist nor a cosmetologist, so don’t wait for me to give you professional advises as I won’t… Traveling a lot abroad and being really interested by all you can find elsewhere, I’m discovering during my trips new brands and products, specially men usage oriented but not exclusively, that I want to share with you.

The main purpose of my blog is to will help you guys to make your choice easily and in a more eco-friendly manner concerning skincare products acquisition, but I’m also thinking to you girls, searching for a good present idea or a product suggestion for your beloved partner or why not for your own usage.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and posts as much as I enjoy researching, discovering, testing and sharing organic goods and eco-friendly finds with you.

Ps. By the way, I really wanna thank the so called “Mrs Jones” for helping me on product tests or reviews and for being also critical on posts content…

Wanna get in touch…?!

For questions, suggestions or anything else, feel free to contact me…!



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