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Melvita Extraordinary Waters – Trait yourself with natural floral waters…!

I’m a huge fan of floral waters and I’m using them all day long for quite all-purpose… But in fact, what’s a real floral water or hydrosol…?! Hydrosols, also known as floral waters, hydroflorates, flower waters or distillates are coproduced during the steam- or hydro-distillation of plant material for aromatherapeutic purposes. The distillation process is … Continue reading

Melvita Extraordinary Orange Blossom Water – Moisturize your skin with pleasure…! Great fragrance and really good hydration.

Advantages: Good hydration, really nice fragrance and results are visible after the first application…! Disadvantages: None not even the price… I have a normal but quite dehydrated skin and I’m mainly looking for products that can treat this concern. I’ve discovered accidentally this product some days ago in a para-pharmacy department at Monoprix while I … Continue reading

Weleda Iris Hydrating Day Cream – Best hydrating cream for dehydrated skins…! Great fragrance and quite fast absorbed by the skin…

Advantages: Great hydration, really nice fragrance and results are visible after the first application…! Disadvantages: None not even the price… As you already know I’m a huge fan of this brand and until now I’ve never been deluded by their products… For quite a while I was searching for a good hydrating cream for day … Continue reading

Dr. Hauschka Moisturising Day Cream – Dr Hauschka all purpose cream… Great for almost every problem…!

Advantages: A real all purpose cream for any need and skin type… Disadvantages: None… I must admit that this product is really amazing… I was looking for a product like this for years and I’m glad I’ve finally found this one… The main purpose of this cream is moisture and protection… but this light cream … Continue reading

Dr. Hauschka Eye Contour Day Balm – Best nourishing cream for eye contour…!

Advantages: Softens, hydrates and protects the eye contour for all day long…! Disadvantages: None… As I’ve told you in my past reviews, my biggest concern is my dry and thin skin all over my face and my little dehydration wrinkles around my eyes. Having a thin skin, I must be very careful, hydrating and protecting … Continue reading

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream – Great cream for winter season and daily usage but not good enough for very dehydrated skin…!

Advantages: Good protection for the daily windy winter days for dry skins… Gorgeous fragrance…! Disadvantages: Doesn’t really treat the dehydrated skin… I must admit first of all that I’m a huge fan of this brand and I adore quite all their products I’ve used till now. I’m a 32 years old man with a normal … Continue reading

Weleda Skin Food – Best all purpose nourishing and repairing cream…!

Advantages: Hydrates, replenishes and repairs the skin fast and easy, Smells great and doesn’t cost a lot… Disadvantages: None… Here is the little story of this wonderful and marvelous cream… In fact I’ve discovered this cream looking after a good hand cream… I must admit that I was a little bit desperate as all the … Continue reading